What is a Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment and why is it required?

A Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment forms the basis of any contaminated land investigation. It is the collation and review of historical information that currently exists about the site.

The purpose of the investigation is to establish land use history and review available information to determine the environmental setting of the Site and potential risks and abnormal costs associated with soil and groundwater contamination, hazardous gases and mining.  If potential risks are identified then an intrusive site investigation is often required.

What we include in a Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment report?

Here at Tier Environmental we not only have a highly knowledgable team we also have access to extensive databases which provide a wealth of information. The types of information included are as follows;


  • Site history – previous and current uses
  • Geology
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Hydrogeology and Hydrology
  • Ecological Features
  • Landfill and Waste Management
  • Local Potentially Contaminated activity
  • Radon Risks

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