Tier can carry out Flood Risk Assessments in accordance with guidance contained in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and associated Technical Guidance.

The Flood Risk Assessment (or Flood Consequence in Wales) identifies and assesses the risks of all forms of flooding to and from the development and demonstrates how these flood risks will be managed so that the development remains safe throughout the lifetime, taking climate change into account.

Standing advice from the Environment Agency and the NPPF states that:

“All planning applications located in flood zone 3 and/or 2, or on sites over 1 hectare should be accompanied by an FRA”.

The NPPF states that an appropriate FRA for the site will be required to demonstrate how flood risk from all sources of flooding to the development itself and flood risk to others will be managed now and taking climate change into account. This should include an assessment of surface water drainage.

Therefore, a FRA for the site will need to be undertaken to gain approval from the Environment Agency and Local Planning Authority.

The FRA will detail the present and future flood risk to the site over the lifetime of the development, using a risk based approach, with reference to the Sequential Test where appropriate. The FRA will discuss how the flood risk to the site will be managed and mitigated to allow the site to be developed and will include an assessment of the foul and surface water drainage requirements.

For the purpose of assessing the site as part of a proposal, a brief desk based assessment will be undertaken by Tier in accordance with the NPPF and has included a review of the Environment Agency Flood Zones.

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