Any proposed re-use of materials on Site can and should be undertaken in accordance with The Definition of Waste: Development Code of Practice (CL:AIRE, 2011) (the 'CoP') and promotes the use of materials in accordance with the waste hierarchy:

  • Waste being minimised;
  • Waste that is produced is recovered and re-used;
  • Less waste will be sent to landfill

Tier Environmental offers a service which assesses known soil mass balance information on a site and assists clients in minimising the volume of materials that require off-site disposal promoting, where possible, the re-use of materials in accordance with best practice. This approach is beneficial to our clients as it promotes sustainable development and reduced the landfill tax cost burden on a project which can in turn improve the public image of a client and associated project. Sustainability and cost savings are realised via the following mechanisms:

  • reduction of the carbon footprint/emissions and transport costs of the project associated with lorries/vehicles that would deliver off-site derived materials;
  • reduction of the carbon footprint/emissions and transport costs of the project associated with lorries/vehicles that would remove excess soils to landfill;
  • reduces natural resource consumption and associated cost (fuel and quarried imported materials);
  • reduces waste going to landfill and associated landfill tax costs

Fundamentally, Tier Environmental’s service identifies any soil types, that would otherwise be disposed of to landfill, that do not constitute a ‘waste’ under the CoP.  In accordance with the CoP, materials are only considered to be waste if they are discarded, intended to be discarded or required to be discarded, by the holder. The CoP considers the following factors to be of relevance when deciding whether materials are a waste.

  • Factor 1 – Protection of human health and the protection of the environment.
  • Factor 2 – Suitability for use, without further treatment.
  • Factor 3 – Certainty of Use.
  • Factor 4 – Quantity of Material.

The production of a Materials Management Plan (MMP) ensures that the above matters are considered and a correct determination is made in relation to the nature of the materials. Tier Environmental are experienced in the preparation of Materials Management Plans and have established relationships with independent ‘Qualified Persons’ required for approval in accordance with the CoP.

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