With landfill taxes set to rise further in the future, developers are now finding that some of the most significant sources of abnormal costs are associated with removing soils to landfill.

Waste soils generated during the construction work can range from excess soil from the excavations, pile arisings or contaminated soils that pose a risk to controlled waters or human health.  Should the soils be sent to landfill, the waste is classified into Inert; Non Hazardous; and Hazardous types, each of which commands a different premium at the landfill site.  Tier Environmental can test soils which need to be removed from the site and provide advice as to the correct waste classification.

  • Inert Waste – £25 per m3
  • Non hazardous Waste – £125 per m3
  • Hazardous Waste – £197 per m3

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