Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering is discipline which bridges the fields of the earth sciences and engineering.

The ground beneath Britain comprises a remarkably varied geology within a relatively small area.  The ground beneath our feet represent a long and complicated history of events which encompass most of the major periods of geological time and extremes of climate from desert to glacier.

To complicate matters, our island has been the source of many raw materials which were vital to the Industrial Revolution.  An in depth understanding of these events can determine the success or failure of the ground engineering of any development project.  Tier specialise in utilising the principles of earth science combined with an engineering approach to solve the various issues which beset the developer, before they break ground.

Obtaining relevant site investigation data relating to actual ground conditions at a given site allow us to make recommendations, analysis and designs associated with the development of various types of structures, or using more detailed investigation data to improve the conceptual model of the ground in order to value engineer early designs, thus giving significant savings to the developer.

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