Tier can provide drilling, coring and borehole services in order to obtain information relating to below ground obstructions, changes in the depth of founding stratum or to locate and delineate voids

Tier Environmental can provide the following drilling services in all areas of the UK and Ireland:

  • Cable percussive (also known as shell and auger) for drilling deep boreholes in soil,
  • Window sample drilling of shallow boreholes in soil or sites with difficult access,
  • Rotary open hole drilling to look for shallow mine workings,
  • Rotary cored drilling typically for foundation design in bedrock,
  • Rotary Geobore drilling system typically for deep foundation design in soil and to obtain class 1 samples of soils for geoechnical testing,
  • Sonic drilling to advance through difficult ground or obstructions.

Tier Environmental also have considerable experience in advancing shallow or deep boreholes whilst buildings are still in place. By temporarily removing walls and ceilings and supporting basements, Tier Environmental have carried out full site investigations for contaminated land assessments and foundation design.

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