For Ground Bearing Pressure testing in support of Temporary works, piling mats, crane bases, sub-grade and related works we conduct:

Plate Bearing Test when designing any permanent or temporary structures, Plate bearing tests, defined in Eurocode 7 and BS1377/9 are used to establish the load bearing capacity of near surface materials, in order to ensure safe loading. The results can also be converted to CBR (California Bearing Ratio) to design and validate highways and hardstanding.

There are a number of different types of Plate Bearing Test that can be carried out, depending upon whether you are designing or validating highways, working platforms or need to check the safety of using large mobile cranes.

Plate bearing tests are carried out on the surface of the layer to be tested using a circular steel plate bearing on the soil or ground surface and loaded by jacking a column reacting against kentledge such as a 10 to 18 ton mechanical excavator. The number of tests are dependent upon on the size of the site, available site investigation information on the sub-grade and any preliminary testing carried out.

Most of our clients find that the use of testing in working platform design is an extremely cost effective method of reducing road capping or working platform design. For example, the sensitivity of platform thickness is dependent upon the angle of friction of the platform material and knowing that the soils has +5° for angle of friction can easily save 20% thickness.  For cohesive soils, knowing out that you have twice the shear strength of the sub-grade can halve platform thickness.  There are also inherent health and safety benefits as a design based on verification by testing is almost always safer than a design using guessed guessed and untested parameters, even if they appear to be over designed.

Given a clear site, it should be possible to carry out between 8 and 12 plate tests in a day.  On working sites it is usually preferable for the client to provide the excavator on working sites; however, if development is in early stages and there is no site presence, Tier can provide suitable kentledge.

As an engineer lead consultancy, Tier will tailor the type of test undertaken to give you the correct values to work from.

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