Soakaways are a method of disposing of stormwater from buildings and paved areas. In recent years, soakaways have been used within urban areas to limit the impact on discharge of new upstream building works and to avoid costs of sewer upgrading outside a development.

In line with planning practice guidance, local authorities are expected to consider the use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDs) in connection with planning applications. To satisfy this condition, we recommend that our clients should commission soak away testing to prove the suitability of the ground and provide design information for drainage systems. As the ground can be unpredictable and not all soils are suitable for soak aways, we recommend that a sites suitability for soak aways is confirmed with a site investigation; although, we are happy to offer the testing as a standalone service.

Tier Environmental undertake soakaway testing in accordance with BRE 365 Soak away Design to enable our clients to design appropriate drainage systems in line with current best practice. The soak away test involves excavating a trial pit with a mechanical excavator, filling the pit with water and recording the water level at specific intervals to establish the soil infiltration rate. Where practical this test is repeated 3 times at each test pit.

To undertake soak away testing, Tier Environmental require access for a JCB 3CX or similar and a large water tanker, to provide enough water to run the tests. To reduce costs a client may wish to source their own excavator; however, on site water sources are unlikely to be suitable because they cannot generally fill the test pit fast enough for reliable results.

Where site access is restricted, Tier Environmental can also undertake falling head tests to determine preliminary design values.

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