We are pleased to introduce our new Principal Geoenvironmental Consultant Sean Lee. Sean joined Tier Environmental back in December 2016 and brings a range of experience to the role. Sean has 23 years experience in the assessment and remediation of brownfield and greenfield sites for residential, industrial and commercial developments.  Sites investigated include fuel filling stations, steelworks, ordnance sites, tar ponds, historic landfills, mills and an oil refinery.

Sean spent 7 years working at the Environment Agency in the Groundwater and Contaminated Team as the Area Lead for landfill gas projects, including the production and review of landfill gas technical reviews.  Other duties included the approval of landfill engineering projects and the review of hydrogeological risk assessments, stability risk assessments and environmental monitoring reports.

Positions held ranged from Assistant Engineer to Associate Director, with previous employers including AIG, WSP, WYG, Woodford Consult, Sub Soil Consultancy Services and Pennine Vibropiling.